Group Training for Employees

This page is for managers of a company who want to create a group and monitor training for their employees.

We offer group functions in which individuals within an organization can register to take training and/or create a group for employee training.  Company managers/Group Creators have admin privileges.  Here is how to get started:

1.) Buy Courses or Sign-up if you DO NOT have an account. Or Login if you have an account and then click Manage Employees

2.) Click on Manage Employees and add employee accounts, then click Buy Courses and choose courses in any quantity needed.

3.) Checkout and choose "I am buying courses for My Employees." Assign courses within your account to employees.

4.) Account ID codes from within your profile can also be sent to employees.  Employees can then sign-up independently 24 hours per day and add the Account ID code to their profile to be part of your group

5.) View the progress of the applicators as a program administrator on our system at any time. Custom reports, certificates, and order history options are also available for company managers to keep up with every employee's pesticide training progress throughout the United States.

6.) Or simply send an email to Aaron Mackie at and include your employee names, emails, license #'s, and ceu's needed, and we will take care of account creation, invoicing, and assigning of courses.

NOTE: You can buy courses individually or in any quantity you need for each of your employees and assign those accordingly.  Each applicator must have a separate account and complete their own training.  Buy Courses now or contact Aaron Mackie at 251-583-5972 or by email at with questions or to have CEU take care of account and group creation.