Re-certification programs are Department of Agriculture approved, entirely online, can be taken 24 hours a day, and are available by buying courses or signing up.  You can login and out as needed to complete the training. Please view courses by state to view all available courses.  Check out online 24 hours per day and complete training.


Upon completion of training, CEU provides all reporting to the Department of Agriculture on behalf of the applicator.  A completion email is sent with any applicable forms and a certificate, and  all forms are also immediately available to print within your account upon completion.  CEU provides training in 40 US states, and the courses can be purchased at our credit store or viewed at our courses by state page.  Courses are ongoing and can be taken 24 hours a day online.

Florida and Massachusetts licensees require state record of attendance forms, and those forms are immediately available within your account upon successful completion of a course.  The forms are also emailed.  Florida record of attendance forms should be forwarded to FDACS with your renewal application at the time of renewal.  Massachusetts applicators are required to keep state forms on file in the event applicators get audited.  Those forms are also available within your account at course completion and are also emailed as a backup.  We also keep records, reports, and certificates indefinitely in the event you need the documentation in the future.  


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