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Frequently asked questions
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1.) Can I take training 24 hours a day? - Yes, training is available 24 hours and you can login at your convenience.

2.) Can I logoff and come back to training? - Yes, just close the course and log out. You can login and out as needed and you can also login again at any time in the future and pick up right where you left off.

3.) Are reports sent to the department of agriculture when I complete training? - Yes, reports are sent to the government on your behalf and you will receive an email with any forms and completion verification.

4.) How does it work? - You register above and then select the courses in our credit store and check out. Courses are then assigned to your account. You can login at any time to launch your training. The courses consist of videos, text, images, and interactive games, and you must visit all pages, watch all videos, and meet any time requirements according to your state regulations.

5.) Is the course monitored? - Yes, we monitor your training progress to include login and out times, times spent, completion status, and all scores.

6.) Are there time requirements? - Yes, depending on your state. A list of time requirements and instructions are sent via email and are in the training modules. A timer is also provided within the module to see how much time you've spent.

7.) How do I register? - You click on the register button above and enter your information in the registration fields and then click submit. You are then automatically approved.

8.) How do I choose courses? - You can view courses by state and also buy courses in your account when you sign up. Then choose your state to view courses. Choose the course you want by category and number of credits and add to your cart to checkout.

9.) Is there a test? - No. There are some quiz questions at the end of each module, and they are easy to navigate.

10.) Can I reach someone to help me throughout training. - Yes. We are available to help throughout your training sessions and answer questions in regard to training and technology.

11.) Is checkout secure?  Yes.  We take security seriously.  Our checkout process is completely secure and verfied with encryption. 
12.) Is my information safe and/or distributed?  Yes it is safe, and NO-- we do not provide your information to anyone--period!