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CEU specializes in re-certification training for individuals as well as groups of all sizes. We offer group programs in which individuals within a region or across the country can register to take training within a group. Company managers (area, district, or regional managers) have the ability to view the progress of the applicators as a program administrator on our system at any time. Custom reports are also available for company managers to keep up with every employee's pesticide training progress by district or region throughout the United States.
*This Page is for Managers of a Company Who Wish to Provide Group Training for their Employees.
Courses By State
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***How Do I Create My Group?
Or call or text Aaron Mackie at 251.583.5972 or by email at amackie@ceuschool.org to set up a new group. If texting, please text your name and company name to 251-583-5972. Your group will be created within seconds.
Next, click on REGISTER above to create your account. Select AAAA = INDIVIDUAL --> I AM NOT PART OF GROUP on the registration page. Upon registration, we will assign your account as the administrator to the company name you asked for in your text.
You can then add employees to your group on demand when you become the group administrator as well as view all reports associated with all learners in your group.
NOTE: Each applicator must have a separate account and complete their own training.
*STEP 1 - EASY METHOD - Please send an email to amackie@ceuschool.org with the company name, list of employees needing training, email addresses, license numbers, and courses needed, and we will take care of all account set-up and send one invoice for all applicators who need training.