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North Carolina Landscape Contractors Licensing Board Online Courses and Recertification

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INVASIVE SPECIES - 2 Credits - Landscape Hours

Topics include invasive species, noxious weeds, reducing spread, wildlife, aquatic and natural areas species, government regulation, various agencies, initiatives, regional significance, economic and environmental impacts, and examples.


LANDSCAPE ORNAMENTALS - 1 Credit - Landscape Hours

Topics include ornamentals, care, fertilizing, pruning, videos, and planting.


NEMATODES - 2 Credits - Landscape Hours

Topics include all areas of agriculture and horticulture, description, life cycle, biology, habitat, controlling predatory nematodes, using beneficial nematodes, mouthparts, taxonomy, anatomy, digestive system, reproduction, soils, grubs and other insects, control effectiveness, and applications.


TURF GRASS SPECIES - 2 Credits - Landscape Hours

Course topics include warm and cool season turf grass, use, adaptation, culture, physiology, and videos.